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Patient Testimonials

"We have been patients of Doctor Martinez for more than twenty years. And as we have moved from middle age towards retirement, it is comforting to have someone to keep track of our health with an eye to the big picture. Doctor Martinez stays current with the latest treatments that affect quality of life issues and we believe his focus on wellness has played a big role in maintaining the youthful energy and active lifestyle we enjoy today."
- Larry and Kim B., Spicewood

"Dr. Martinez has been our family physician for years now. We have the utmost respect and admiration for him as we believe he saved my husband's life by realizing that there was an issue with his heart that needed immediate care. Emergency Room doctors and staff had diagnosed this condition as pneumonia and sent my husband home with antibiotics. Dr. Martinez knew that the diagnosis was not correct and immediately referred us to a cardiologist, making arrangements for us to see him (the cardiologist) even though it was after office hours. On a second occasion, my husband was mistakenly diagnosed with pink eye. We followed up with Dr. Martinez, and again, we were so thankful he was and is our physician. He knew immediately it wasn't pink eye and arranged for us to be treated by an ophthalmologist at the hospital. Without his quick guidance my husband could have been left permanently blind. Dr. Martinez has also worked with me helping me find the right compound dosage for my thyroid condition."
- Richard & Rebecca A., Round Rock

"My name is Dr. Richard Dominguez. I have a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics and have been a patient of Dr. Martinez for 9 years. During the course of my time under Dr. Martinez' care, he and I have had many discussions concerning human biochemistry. I have spoken with other physicians about these matters however Dr. Martinez stands out since he knows the subject very well. I'm 69 years old, so when I started to feel tired and unambitious a few years ago, I blamed my lack of motivation on my age. Dr. Martinez told me that my age was part of the story but that low testosterone caused by my advanced age was the real culprit. So now I treat my low testosterone with a gel that Dr. Martinez prescribed and I feel great! Dr. Martinez also recommended some nutritional supplements which I take as well. I know that Dr. Martinez can help you turn your life around."
- Richard G. D., Ph.D., Austin

"As a new patient of Dr. Martinez, I was amazed at the thoroughness and comprehensive nature of my first visit. After lab results were in, I was surprised to learn that certain systems were not functioning properly and I was immediately put on a course of intensive treatment. I have felt that previous doctors never fully explored my health and I had had my doubts as to the care I was receiving. I am so relieved to know that now I will finally be receiving the comprehensive, personalized care that I need and deserve, and I am looking forward to rejuvenated optimal health. Thank you Dr. Martinez!"
- Sharron C., Austin

"Richard and I have been patients of Dr. Martinez for 20+ years. During that time we have been impressed by his attentiveness and follow up. His referrals to specialists when needed have been exemplary. As we age, we have been impressed with his desire to respond to our needs with a blend of natural and pharmaceutical remedies. Needless to say he is an important part of our lives and we look forward to a continued, long term, and positive relationship."
- Richard and Martha W., Westlake

"To me it's Dr. George, because after 28 years of taking care of me both physically and mentally, he has become a dear friend. His expertise, style and approach has always been one of patience, understanding, creativity and thoroughness, with the care of follow-up. He has always demonstrated the genuine concern about my well-being. His diagnosis has always been spot on. I don't recall a wrong diagnosis. I know I can talk about anything with him without any judgment. I have been blessed to have Dr. George as my doctor and friend."
- John L., The Pinnacle Group, Austin